Simon Sedrick Rasputin Wolf

White Council Wizard Playboy


Name: Simon Sedrick Rasputin Wolf
Template: Wizard

High Concept: White Council Wizard Playboy
Trouble: My Grandpa left it to me.
1. Background: My Family and the Arcane don’t Mix.
2. Rising Conflict: I won’t take No for an Answer.
3. The Story: Der Wolf im Schafspelz
4. Guest Star: An Ear to the Ground
5. Guest Star Redux: The Boy is Back in Town

Powers & Stunts

[-3] Evocation (Earth Control +1, Water, Spirit)
[-3] Thaumaturgy (Divination +1)
[-1] The Sight
[-0] Soulgaze
[-0] Wizards Constitution
[-1] Disciplined Mind (Conviction Stunt: +1 mild mental Consequence)
[-1] Refinement (Earth Control +1; Earth Power +1)
[-1] Refinement (Spirit Control +1; 2 Enchanted Item Slots)
[-10] Total Refresh Cost

Spellcasting Werte

Earth Spirit Water

Control +2 +1
Power +1


(5)Superb Discipline Conviction
4)Great Lore Resources
(3)Good Alertness Endurance
2)Fair Athletics Rapport Weapons Empathy
(+1)Average Guns Presence Contacts Investigation


tintreach (Weapon:6 Earth Attack – Lightning) – requires Staff
sciath (7 Earth Block) – requires Bracer
gaistigh (
6 Earth Maneuver – Aspect: “Caught in Rock”)
folaigh (+5 Spirit Block – Veil)

Focus Items – 2 Slots

Wizards Staff (1 Earth Offensive Control)
Earth Bracer (
1 Earth Defensive Power)

Enchanted Items – 5 Slots

Stoneskin Belt (Block 6/Armor 3; 5 uses)

1x Potion Slot.


crith talĂșn (Maneuver Earth Evocation – Scene Aspect: Earthquake…Take Cover!!)


Simon Sedrick Rasputin Wolf

Supernatural Bonn Tsunami